The Power of E-learning in Onboarding

Many moons ago (so many that I’ve lost count), I started my first job in public practice as an accounting technician. The first day, after being introduced to my new colleagues and shown my desk, a box was given to me, and I was asked to prepare a review engagement file. At the top of […]

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in Instructional Design

When creating something for a client – be it an interactive scenario, a visual design concept, or even a course outline – we have learned that it’s always best to prepare something for them to react to. Why? Many people find it difficult to clearly articulate their vision when you ask them what they want […]

Drive Learner Engagement in a Live-Virtual Setting

When I was in high school, there was a teacher that fired chalk erasers at students who were falling asleep, or otherwise distracted, in class. That wouldn’t work in today’s world—throwing objects at unsuspecting students is likely to lead to a reprimand, never mind the fact that chalk erasers are ancient relics from an older […]

Traditional E-learning, Micro-learning, or Nano-Learning – What’s Right for my Employees?

The demands on employees’ time are immense. Despite technological advancements speeding up our work processes, it seems like our people have even less time. In this scenario, fitting in learning, whether company-mandated or certification-based (or both), becomes a challenge. Clients often approach us to address this issue by designing learning programs in smaller, more manageable […]

The Human Touch in Instructional Design:
Why AI Falls Short for Now

Yesterday, as I pulled into a drive-through car wash and was welcomed by a virtual assistant at the payment station, it struck me just how rapidly AI has become part of our daily lives. From handling payments and serving food in restaurants to booking appointments and tracking our eating habits—AI is everywhere. As my car […]

Level Up Your Learning: The Power of
Gamification in Training Programs

Recently, I observed the delivery of an instructor-led program our company had developed for a client. I often observe our pilot deliveries to learn what went well, what didn’t, and where we might need to tweak the program to better achieve the desired learning outcomes. I was sitting at the back of the room when […]

Cognitive Load

Imagine you’re at your desk, working diligently on an important report for a client. You’re deep into your analysis when your email dings with a new message, then your phone rings with a call from a colleague. Not long after, a reminder pops up on your desktop for a meeting in 15 minutes. It’s a […]

What Makes a Successful Team: The Secret Sauce

When it comes to a project, the key to success lies in the strength of the team behind it. In my 20 years of working in teams, I’ve never experienced the synergy that exists on my current team…and I think I figured out why! Recently, I was the Senior Instructional Designer on a project designing […]

My Journey From
Accounting to Instructional Design

How does an accountant and information technology auditor, who spent over 20 years engaged in audit-related work for both professional service firms and significant companies across various industries, end up becoming an instructional designer? For that matter – what is an instructional designer, or as many refer to the role, an ID? That last question […]

NPCs Just Got Upgraded

Image of two cartoon business professionals

Picture this: You’re navigating through an intricate learning simulation, deeply engaged in the scenario you’ve been presented with and how it’s playing out. As you interact with the people in the simulation, known as Non-Player Characters (NPCs), you start forgetting you’re in a learning environment as the characters respond with nuance and personality. These NPCs, […]