Game-based Learning

Gamification has been a buzzword in learning for several years now. We have incorporated gamification into our courses for years and encourage its use whenever possible to create greater engagement with the learner. From development of “quests” to assess the knowledge acquired by your learners, to earning points through demonstration of skills, we can find a way to bring a little fun into your next learning experience.

What We Do:

Learning Games

Games can be an incredibly effective tool for learning when done right.

Our award-winning learning games blend tried-and-true instructional design methods with the latest in game design theory and visual design to create truly engaging – and fun – learning experiences.

Leaderboards on ILT Participant Portals

Our custom Participant Portals can be configured with a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition within a learning cohort and provide incentives for various behaviors you wish to encourage. Award points for completion of advance preparation, exploring optional learning materials, or simply assess what they have learned through classroom activities. We can help you design the right leaderboard approach to make your learning event a fun one.

Project Example

Digital State Licensing

This course began with a scrolling infographic style briefing that provided the learner with details on state licensing. Then, they applied what they learned to a series of scenarios, tiered in three increasingly complex levels, with clients in a variety of situations related to licensing. As they successfully completed each level, they earned trophies.

Project Example

Mars Anatomy Game

A Canadian university approached us to create an experience that teaches the skeletal system to pre-medicine students.

We started by creating Ten-MA, the tenth – and only surviving – “medical assistant” robot on your recently crash-landed space ship.

To get off the Red Planet and return home, learners were tasked with repairing Ten-MA by exploring the damaged ship, learning about the skeletal system, and re-building her titanium skeleton.

Project Example

Weekly Mobile Quiz Challenge

We created a trivia game for a global professional services firm that, each Monday, released a trivia challenge on a select topic. The quiz was quick-to-complete, and covered recent developments and key insights in a learner’s industry.

A badge-based achievement system and a leaderboard helped keep users engaged, and our client even opted to award prizes to top performers!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to any learning challenge. 

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