The Smartfirm Process

With Smartfirm, you are a true partner in the development process. At 3 key project milestones, we invite you to provide an in-depth review on content, visuals, and interactivity so that your custom learning experience lines up exactly with your strategic vision.

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We work with you and your project sponsor to understand your learning goals and craft learning objectives designed to achieve performance-based outcomes.

Content Discovery

You set the pace! We take your desired learning objectives and our instructional designers fully research and prepare a content outline for your review. Or we can work with your existing, curated content to extract the key information and organize it into a compelling content outline. Looking for somewhere in the middle? We can do that too!


Our instructional designers distill your content into digestible segments, seamlessly blending straightforward delivery with interactive activities. After crafting a storyboard, we seek your input on content depth, breadth, and organization. Upon storyboard approval, our graphic designers and developers bring your content to life, creating a truly impactful learning experience for your team.


Our testing strategy is a dynamic, iterative process intertwined with development. Working through an Alpha > Beta > Gold approach, we seek to confirm through these stages that content, visuals, and interactivity all meet your needs.


Feedback identified during your Gold review is applied and a final version is provided for your approval. Once received, we prepare output suitable for your learning management system and provide any necessary documentation, if required, to support CPE accreditation.