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We have been developing e-learning courses from the beginning. Providing your employees with learning they can take at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own workplace, saves travel dollars and ensures a consistent message is delivered. We develop courses in both Articulate Storyline for a traditional approach, as well in HTML/CSS/Javascript to deliver courses that behave more like web sites.

All courses are exported in SCORM for implementation into any SCORM-compliant learning management system.

If you require CPE, we have extensive experience in building courses that align with the Statement on Standards for CPE Programs set out by NASBA. We can adapt to other professional development standards as well – just tell us what they are! 

What We Do:

Slide-based E-learning Courses

Our slide-based e-learning courses (often referred to as “traditional” e-learning) are a great solution when you are looking for a structured learning experience that balances cost effectiveness with engaging, interactive content, and is easily integrated into your LMS.

Our team organizes your source material into digestible modules, and applies a level of visual – and experience – design that ensures that “traditional” looks “modern”.

Web-based E-learning Courses

Web-based e-learning courses bring the wonders of e-learning to the browser. These courses shine when hosted outside of the confines of an LMS (but they can live there too!)

With built-in responsiveness that makes for a great experience whether on a laptop, a tablet, or a phone, your learners can enjoy on-the-go learning as their schedule allows.

Service Spotlight!

Application Simulation Learning

The best way to learn is by using an application in a lab environment. But – what if you don’t have the resources for a training lab, or your learner base is remote and/or spread across a wide geography? Application simulation learning can help you overcome those challenges.

We can create learning experiences that put the learner into your application and allow them to perform transactions, all while providing them with guidance and feedback.

Project Example


A rapidly growing Australian-based software company was looking for a fun and engaging onboarding program for new hires around the world. We delivered “RocketFuel” as a way for their new hires to launch with the company and join the team.

In this game, learners travel the galaxy to various planets, recruiting an all-star team of collaborators by completing quests (both in-game and in the real world) and proving their knowledge on each planet.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to any learning challenge. 

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