Scenarios and Simulations

Allowing your learners to apply what they learn in a simulated environment allows them a safe space to gain confidence in their new skills – and have fun doing it! Our instructional designers can design brief scenarios designed to focus on a single skill, or complex simulations that ask your learners to apply a combination of skills they have learned. From developing a multi-player online experience where learners get to build and manage their own consulting firm, to multi-day learning programs that use simulated consulting projects to apply new skills, let our team help you create a memorable experience.

What We Do:

Simulated Client Conversations

Trying – and failing – often leads to some of the best learning moments. In our simulated client conversations, we provide a safe space to practice your conversation skills without consequences. Want to see how a client reacts to an aggressive approach? Try it! Want to see how that changes with a softer, more passive, approach? You can try that too!

These simulations can be crafted to tackle any client scenario, whether it’s delivering tough feedback, landing that big project, or finding the right questions to ask to get to the root of a problem.

Roleplay Scenarios

During Instructor-led Trainings (ILTs), we can leverage your facilitation team for a high-energy learning experience that learners love. These scenarios transform your facilitators into fictional clients, stakeholders, or team members for a face-to-face meeting, where detailed roleplay instructions cover how facilitators should act and respond, their goals for the meeting, and even their temperament.

Roleplay Scenarios are a great way to add variety – and fun – to your instructor-led training, and are often viewed as the highlight of a program!

Project Example

Bottom Line Simulation

Consulting interns were given the opportunity to run their own firm in a live timed event. They started by designing their firm to determine what services they would offer, and the industries they would specialize in; then bid on projects in multiple rounds (fiscal years), with facilitators roleplaying as client decision makers. Revenue was earned for clients they “won” and the team that earned the most revenue by the end was crowned the winner.

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