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for leading organizations around the globe.

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About Us

Founded in 2000

Thousands of projects completed

Clients around the world

Courses in seven languages

SCORM and NASBA compliant

Gamification experts

Multiple industry awards

Key Industries

Professional services


Financial services

Higher education

Who We Are

We are a team of designers, educators, artists and programmers. We design learning experiences that provide people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to perform at their best.

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We Are…

Thinkers and Builders

Everything worth doing starts with a great idea, but a great idea is just the beginning. So we roll up our sleeves and get to work, quickly making vision a reality. And we’ve been doing it since 2000.

Educators and Practitioners

We don’t just live in a virtual world. We’ve also delivered live classes in a variety of formats. This experience allows us to analyze a learning challenge from multiple perspectives and design the best solution.

Creatives and Innovators

Gamification results in more engaged learners. We employ tried and true strategies from the field of game design to ensure that our learners don’t just absorb the content – they enjoy the process of doing so. 

Partners and Advisors

Our clients tell us we are very collaborative and easy to work with, and they view us as long-term partners in building the skills they need in their organizations. Most of our clients have come back to us for multiple projects.

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Our Approach

We believe that every project is unique, with its own needs. We offer an agile, consultative process to deliver you the best solution for your needs. We will work with your team to craft a workplan that maximizes collaboration and minimizes effort for your SMEs. At a high level, our projects follow the stages described here, with appropriate refinements to meet the needs of the specific project. 

our approach


We work with you and your team to understand your learning goals and craft learning objectives designed to achieve performance-based outcomes.


You set the pace! We explore how to best achieve the set learning objectives and prepare a content outline for your review. We can provide the full meal deal by doing all necessary research in-house, or we can work with your existing, curated content, extracting the key information and organizing it into a compelling structure. Looking for somewhere in the middle? We can do that too!


Our instructional designers take the content and synthesize it into manageable pieces for your learners to digest, combining straight content delivery with exploration through interactive activities. A storyboard is developed and shared with you to confirm content depth, breadth, and organization. Once the storyboard concept is approved, your project will come to life as our design and development teams transform it into a truly meaningful experience.


Our testing approach is iterative and blended with development via an Alpha, Beta, and Gold release schedule. In Alpha, we focus your review on the content, confirming its accuracy and ensuring a logical flow. Visual design is light at this stage, and necessary content refinements are made by our Instructional Designers. From there, we create a Beta; a fully functional version of your course with content gaps addressed and refined visuals. Finally, a Gold release has all feedback received during Beta testing applied, as well as final visual and audio polish. This is your final review prior to delivery.


Feedback identified during your Gold review is applied and a final version is provided for your approval. Once received, we prepare output suitable for your learning management system and provide any necessary documentation, if required, to support CPE accreditation.

Award Winning Work

Our work has driven clients to win awards in various categories across the learning industry.

Do you have a learning challenge for us?

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